Spurred by recent illnesses and deaths of friends and family members, and cognizant of our own mortality, a group of us has been working to get our affairs in order to have a simple burial or cremation. After reviewing the relevant legal issues in West Virginia to ensure self-directed care for each other after death, we have gathered information and developed some simple forms to ensure self-directed care for each other after death.

To assist in this effort, we have formed the Saranam Burial Society, a collaboration of friends who are committed to helping each other with end-of-life and post-death wishes. We support traditions of simple burial and community care. In addition, we encourage informed, planned, inexpensive, and self-directed arrangements. Saranam also offers a cemetery which follows green burial practices. We realize that much of what we discovered is useful for everyone, in planning for end-of-life.

We are working toward a resource page on the Saranam website. Until then the following Google Docs link will get you to all the resources we have developed so far.

The forms include:

If you want forms, or wish to file forms or schedule a time to see the cemetery, contact us using the Contact page.

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