Since the very beginning of Saranam Retreat Center in 2006, there has been a service component, as seen here when a half dozen friends of Saranam got together and built the outhouse. Volunteers have created and maintained all of the garden areas, stuccoed the zendo’s exterior, built the stone paths, contributed driveway gravel and garden mulch, cleaned gutters, cleared branches after storms, and shampooed carpets.

When Saranam became a non-profit organization in 2015, the board of directors decided that a service component shall be expected of each guest during retreats and events: a half hour or hour of service tasks. Between retreats and events, volunteers are encouraged to check the website for a current list of tasks, come over and enjoy a few hours helping keep Saranam in good shape. Service tasks for each month will be posted on the website calendar as well as on a bulletin board in the building.

building the outhouse, 2006